Health insurance during the lockdown

I don’t to be alarmist and I don’t want to put the frighteners up anyone as, unlike some countries, France doesn’t tend to refuse to treat people without having first taken their credit card details but…

It’s occurred to me that now is not a bad time to review your top-up health insurance. I have no idea whether or not the daily charge applies if you are hospitalised due to Covid-19 - but even if it doesn’t and you ended up hospitalised with a relatively mild case, extra charges such as private rooms, TV, beds and meals for an accompanying parent / spouse can easily add up. You may also require assistance at home afterwards. These are all elements that may or may not be covered depending on your policy and level of cover.

Reviewing your healthcare requirements and policy provisions makes complete sense in these uncertain times and as always, @fabien is happy to help and will provide advice and his usual amazing level of service.


Hi @cat, thanks for the post. Top-up health insurances are covering the matter very well and even private medical policies are playing fair during these dreadful times although they are tightening subscription rules (6 months minimum commitment usually to make sure people won’t get the policy just to claim a COVID-19 illness and then finish it).

At the end of day the most important is to stay safe but if things go sideways it’s important to know you’re covered indeed :wink: