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Hello all
After a visit to the ORL my mother has a prescription to have a hearing aid in each ear. She has an appointment in our nearby town where they supply them (they also supply glasses) BUT when I asked for a devis, they will give that at her appointment, I was told that the price will be from 800 - 1600 euros per ear ! This seems a staggering amount to me.
I have seen posts where people have given advice on finding cheaper prescription glasses and wonder if any of you know if there is anything like this for hearing aids.
Thank you in advance.

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I hope you can find a cheaper solution than that! A quick Google search for ‘aide auditive’ throws up a few options such as;


Does your mutuelle cover some of it?

Hello James
Thank you for your prompt reply. I will certainly check the site out.
It’s for my mother who doesn’t have a mutuelle, at her age (85) the premiums are too high !
Think I might look out for some of those old hearing horns on the Brocantes :wink:

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My hearing aids come from the entendre group of audioprothésists,the cost was a total of €3199.00 before deductions.After taking into account the part paid by CPAM and my mutual I had to pay out €2000. Of the €2000 there will be a tax deduction of about 45% of this figure,that will be off next years tax.
Included in this figure are unlimited visits for adjustments and a 4 year guarentee for breakdowns loss etc.So although the initial figure seems high and I know you can find cheaper on the internet what you cant get are the little personal adjustments that you need or someone with your records in front of them if you buy off the net.
These are my third pair and by far the best because as my hearing has become worse, 60% loss, technology has moved on.With bluetooth adapters for television,telephone and a miriade of other things, the difference to my life is chalk and cheese

http://www.humanite.fr/audioprotheses-quel-prix-et-quelle-prise-en-charge-632939 This article is interesting, there are some useful addresses toward the end of the article.

Get an ordonnance from your medicin traitant.Take it to specsavers UK.Buy the aids and then you can reclaim it from CPAM and your Mutuelle.

Hello Leslie
Thank you, but not an option for me. The hearing aids are for my mother who is elderly and disabled so unable to travel that distance !
I have taken up James’ suggestion and looked at the site he proposed. I now have an appointment for mum to be checked at our local pharmacy, I am told she can have a 3 day trial to see if the aids suit her. So come Saturday we will know a bit more. :slight_smile:

Hello Florian
Thank you, yes the article is interesting. I have already looked to see if she qualifies for any aid but for some reason people over 75 are not eligible !
Thanks to James’ link she now has a rv for a test on Saturday at our local pharmacy. Hope that the aids they propose will be suitable. :slight_smile:

Hello all
Just an update, mum tried the Sonalto hearing aids during 4 days and they have made a big difference to her, in fact I am now being told off for shouting :wink:
After trying out different combinations, both ears, left ear only, right ear only, she has found that an aid in both ears works well for her. Some people only need one.
I will return the aids she loaned tomorrow and order 2. The price is 299 euros each aid and they can be ordered online, there is a little variation in price with Amazon etc; but I prefer to go via my local pharmacy.
Once again a big thanks to James (Admin) for bringing this site to my notice :slight_smile:

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Sorry for bumping but I’m also looking for inexpensive hearing aids right now. I understood that Sonalto might be a good choice, I’ll check it out, thanks for the recommendation.
But what about other brands? Any advice is appreciated.

If you are looking for inexpensive and have a mutuelle then you should be able to get the 100% santé hearing aid for nothing.

It’s complicated, but make sure you ask for this option to see if that suits what you wants

Definitely not complicated.

  1. tell your doctor you are hard of hearing.
  2. Doctor gives you an ordinance to have a hearing test.
  3. get a RDV with, in my case, Ecoutervoir who have shops in many towns and are very quick to set up a RDV.
  4. have your ears tested and tell them you want 100% sante quote.
    The hearing aids are supplied free of charge for 1 month.
  5. you are happy with them so after 1 month you sign all the paperwork and Ecoutervoir sort out all the finances. Both CPAM and mutuelle pay Ecoutervoir directly.
  6. you can niw hear perfectly for 4 years after which you can have new hearing aids via tge same system.
  7. of course you have to have a mutuelle that will cover rhe cost so ask first.
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Did you read the Ameli page? Hellishly complicated explanation!

I found the other link opened up for Professionals only…

this seems for the ordinary folk…

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Much better! Wonder why I got the other one…,

Spot on as I went through the same procedure. Audilab offered all the options from the free one to other pay for options if necessary e.g. for a noisy workplace. A free every 6 month check up and and adjustments if necessary plus a 4 year guarantee including loss.

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