Heart and Blood Pressure medications under scrutiny


Be interesting to find out what other medications come from countries where the production is (perhaps) not sufficiently controlled… :thinking:

Fake medicines entering the supply chain is an increasing problem - China and India are amongst the most suspect suppliers

Phew, I take Valsartan but mine is made by Mylan. I’ve just had a new prescription so I have 3 months supply. Any shortages should be sorted by then I hope.

You won’t be the only one who is looking to see where a product is manufactured… :zipper_mouth_face::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

My wifes medicines are on the ist. Took them dlown to loca pharmacist where I got them from tigether with info on m y tablet… She went off on one!!! No problems with our medecines. Everything on internet is rubbish. I showed her the piece where the medecines were listed and notice telling us to consult a pharma which I was doing. She just said Paah, chucked the packets back at me and walked off!! I have used this pharmacy for many years but the recent owner and his wife have been grumpy every time I have been in recently. Notice that all their staff seem to have left!!!. It was all over the tv news and presse yesterday but thry obviously dont watch or read. shall never go back there and hope they disappear out of business so !! Will now go and find another pharma who will hopefully sort the problem

The pharmacies are just doing their job, dispensing what the médecin has written. You would be better off speaking to your doctor about it. He or she will probably tell you that it is the best or only thing available, if you don’t like it, then don’t take it.

This happens every year, there is a list of drugs that “they” say have little or no therapeutic benefit, but the next year they are still available.

Pharmaceuticals in France are very highly regulated - there is one drug for one thing (according to my doctor).

Mark… this particular report is rather more serious than the on-going arguement about drugs that have good/no effect… :thinking: Certain drugs are being recalled…:zipper_mouth_face:

@Stella is right - this is about a batch of contaminated drugs and the behaviour of the pharmacist is reprehensible.

As I said fake drugs are also a big problem, especially those being manufactured in China and India.

Robert… if you check the paperwork that comes in the packages… it should tell you where the medicine is actually made…

Does your pharmarcist know that the medication you queried is NOT made in China… that could be why you were given the brush-off… …

In which case a polite - “no, I’ve checked all our suppliers and they are OK” would be appropriate, not rubbishing Robert’s concerns and throwing the packet back at him.

Thank you for comments. I will go to see doctor as well just t clarify. As for the comment about if you dont like the drug dont take it. This product keeps my wife alive following a stroke a few years back so its just not an option. If its contaminated then it must be taken out of circu!ation. We had a problem recently witb levothyrox which my wife also takes and the effect was much more noticeable when the formulation was put back.

Absolutely agree Paul… … no excuse for such behaviour… but…

Robert may well have been the “millionth” customer to query stuff… and perhaps that was just too much… or else the person was, indeed, a miserable ***…

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Returned from holiday in the UK and brought up your page to find information on this and can I just say thank you for bringing this to my attention. My husband’s medication provider was on the list for recall (list provided by the link from the paper). I took the print out to the pharmacy with my poor French language skills and the pharmacist knew all about it and looked up my husband’s name and explained that although it was not a serious problem there was a problem with one of the molecules in the medicine hence the recall. She immediately exchanged the pills for the Mylan produced ones and told me to either return or destroy the others.

She said the doctors are aware and so are the pharmacies. So thank you for keeping us informed.