Heat Pump replacement - popular brands? Alternative?


Our Arkteos (formerly AJTech) heat pump requires a new exterior unit. Air source feeding water filled radiators. We have the quote, which is for another Arktoes exterior unit because it needs to work with the Arkteos interior unit.

If we were to replace the whole assembly, interior and exterior for the sake of longevity, should we stick with Arkteos? is there a source I can use to establish what the popular brands are?

Should we now be looking at an alternative to air source heat pumps now? Without breaking the bank!

Thanks for any pointers or advice


I don’t know the answer but am interested in any replies you might get because our air to air heat pumps have raised an interesting question. One of them ceases to blow for a while on frosty mornings, precisely the time when we need it.
I had to pay for an engineer to come out and tell me that. I was surprised because the older one does not do that at all. His explanation for that was the size of the space to heat which was complete nonsense as it is the same size as the other one and in fact was supposedly designed for an even larger one.
So won’t be going back to New Wave Energies again for replacement. The pumps are Mitsubishi.

First requirement is how many co’s deal with that heat pump, if your local co goes out of business who will pick up on supplying parts.
Daikin mostly as they support their old equipment with spares available whereas Mitsubishi stop supporting after a few years and in one case we had to wait over a year for Mitsi to produce a new control board and that is the last time they are doing a limited run of these parts so the unit will be junk.
Also never heard of either of your units so I would bet they are white labelled from somewhere else.

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You are right @Corona , we are concerned about how many companies in our area can support the pump.
As it happens, Arkteos is made in France, but we struggled to find an engineer who could deal with their products.

Another market test - when you drive around, what are the brands you see the most. Daikin will be high if not highest…

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Very good point. We went with Steibel as our plumber/chauffagiste has done all the Steibel training and we would have had to use another firm had we gone for our other choice (and there is another company not far who akso specialises in Steibel).

Quite an opportune thread for me.
We have a 20+ yr old oil boiler for our hot water and heating system for underfloor heating on ground floor and radiators on first floor four bedrooms and bathrooms
We will be faced with replacing it sooner rather than later, most probably because a major component fails and can’t be replaced, as experienced by a friend here in Northern Brittany.

I’m interested to know the pros and cons of the replacement options.
I’ve been told heat pumps, aerothermic and geothermic aren’t ideal for underfloor, and can be expensive to run particularly in the north. But as the house is only about 25 yrs old it’s reasonably well insulated.
All electric seems expensive too, I know nothing about a LPG option, as oil boilers are soon to be discontinued a friend suggested replacing it like for like now, which isn’t very green!
Heating man said to installing a heat pump system would be between E12-15k and we might get a grant, but as we aren’t on the breadline it wouldn’t be much.

Is anyboy facing similar issue?

Heat pumps ARE ideal for underfloor heating.


Absolutely!! Our heat pump is perfect for the underfloor (and a bit sluggish for the rads upstairs). I think costs are ore modest than €15k, depending on what size you need.