Heated insoles

For Christmas someone gave me a pair fingerless gloves that are heated by way of a usb battery. Must say, they are absolutely excellent and now wouldn’t be without them. Although pretty active during the day, in the evening if I’m sitting down I’ve noticed my feet getting rather cold, even with a good pair of slippers on. The usb mittens prompted me to look at usb heated insoles, but seeing so many, didn’t know if anyone had any experience with these and any particular ones that worked well???

Years ago I bought a very nice blanket for the dogs. It came in a woollen sack with a drawstring. Big enough for both my feet together, it is very warm on a winter’s evening. :joy:

No idea what happened to the dog blanket. :roll_eyes:

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Glad the gloves are good.

Would you be able to tell me what the make is?

I’m sorry I can’t help with the insoles.

@almondbiscuit I think these are the ones I have, as they were purchased in the UK. Just had a quick look on the French site and couldn’t the exct same ones, but I’m sure they’re all fairly similar. What I love about them is that they’re fingerless so you remain dextrous.

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If I did that I’d forget I had it on, stand up, and fall flat on my face…


Thanks so much!

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Doing a bit more research on keeping feet warm I came across this video. Not one of the regular glossy youtube videos we all now see, but very practical, and having tested it out today while being outside all day, it appears to work :+1:

Basically cutting up an old car windscreen sunshield and using it as an insole with foil face facing up.

7 watt reptile pads are all the rage.
I have a 250 watt garage convector on a dimmer so it can double as something intermediate to the 1kw fan heater.

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I hope the dimmer is rated for that load. Most domestic ones are for up to 100 watts…

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I think I must have checked at some point - there’s been no smoke anyway :smiley:
it’s actually a triac-based fan controller.
The interesting thing is that even though it’s full-wave, the power factor gets down to 0,34 according to my plug-in power meter, so I may be cheating the power company ?

EDIT I just checked and it’s probably JUST 250 watts :slight_smile:

I’ve wrecked 3 electric blankets over 4 winters, so this year I have another of them controlling a 160 watt tubular greenhouse heater - which says “do not cover”, but seems to have a self-resetting thermal switch - as well as a surprisingly high thermal mass - and touch wood no problems with that so far …