Hi .

We are thinking of changing the way we heat our house. At the moment we use a log burner, but find it very messy. We live in a old 3 bed house. Not sure which way to go . Electric/Oil/Gas. ( we are not on mains gas ). Looking at cost ( installing/running ) What are the pros and cons. There will be 9 radiators .regards Bill

We use an air to air heat pump, 1 outdoor unit to run 3 indoor head units, we only use 1 max 2 indoor head units at the same time, these are very efficient and cheap to run in just averagely cold weather e.g. down to say 2 degrees, when it drops below that, we use the wood burner or electric oil filled radiator, our leccy bills for the last three cold periods November to feb have been around £50 per month, we only have electricity, no gas. check out air to air, I highly recommend it, we are in the U.K.

We've got 2 log burners in the lounge and dining room which we use in spring and autumn, now and then. We've got 14 radiators around a big house. I'd guess that it probably costs us about 60 euros a week across the whole year, on fuel. I'm married to a tropical lady and it has to be warm. I tell people that our rads only have 2 settings......October and May!! (it heats the water too)