Heavy flooding in Landes department (France) 30 Jan 2014

Yes of course...I understand their anger and resentment...but from what I understand the rivers are going to be dredged...so hopefully this will be a thing of the past. So that's what I mean about looking on the bright side.

We're not immune to flooding just because we live on a hill...I've spent the last few days sweeping the water out of our garage which is built into the hill behind us. Every time we have three weeks of rain...the build up of water coming down the hill behind the garages...finally leaks through the breeze block bricks...runs down the walls...and we're paddling in water. Nothing can be stored on the garage floors that's not in a plastic box. But the exercise has brought a glow to my cheeks...and got the old heart pumping well ...so there's my silver lining. :-)

I don’t think the people living in the Somerset Levels in England, whose houses and farms have been under water for well over a month, wil be looking on the bright side at this stage! And it’s still raining…

I agree with you Theo...always look on the bright side. The Nile floods are welcomed in Egypt...as they leave behind a fertile silt. Once the flood waters subside they'll do the same. There's always a silver lining if you look for it. Nature balances herself out...some areas lose...whilst others gain.

Nice video!

Hard to believe what is happening in that area!

This is Florida lately!

I enjoyed watching that video James. My beloved and I drove to Eymet yesterday...and much of the land was flooded there...the sun was shinning and reflecting off the new water meadows...I found it awe inspiring...and the herons were having a field day...so to speak.

We drove home over the bridge at St Foy la Grande...the water level of the Dordogne was very high...but not as high as it was in 2007.There are markers on some of the houses in Le Fleix which show that in the past the Dordogne has been as much as 10 metres higher than it is normally.I wonder how they coped then? :-(

I'd rather have this continuous rain than snow...two years ago we were snowed in for 5 days...and it took a very long time for the roads to clear.

Nature's Spring Cleaning: all this water "washes" also the many l plastic bags and all other
garbage away. And the rattle from the motor sounds really good. In addition, the Landy is well washed once from below ...Plus, the vid has a nice quality, little grain

Plenty of water around in the 18th century too. How depressing it is.