Hello All

I'm not in the Midi-Pyrenees yet, or indeed even in France - but I will be soon... Me, the husband and the dog are upping stix from Ireland via Sussex to somewhere in the Tarn (madly house hunting!)

The husband is a builder and stonemason, so we'll be bothering you looking for work for him, and I'm a graphic designer amongst other things, going to a freelance job in Castres.

I've worked as a private chef alongside my husband as the gardener so we're a bit jack of all trades

I have a blog, don't we all! - http://upstixtofrance.blogspot.com/

mainly about finishing renovating our cottage in the UK. It's a solo effort from my husband - I just do the buying, research and the budget sadly...
The angel in the form of Ms Wise has made some calls on my behalf, but I'd love to know of anyone who lives in the Tarn / Lauragais areas?

Anyway, hello all! X Teresa

Martin, thanks for the warm welcome, and forgive my lateness in replying - I had all the settings wrong - sorted now! I had a look at you site - very useful, most interesting... about 100 days til we move, so only one more Christmas and we'll be in "Noel" land... best, teresa

Jane, hello, and please forgive my tardy reply... i've got the settings all wrong and it's pinging emails to far and distant galaxies - and consequently i didn't think anyone had replied.... in fact i thought should prepare myself for being all alone in our little bit of the M-P!

It's around the 100 days mark now til we're due to leave for france... all rather daunting and exciting at the same time. We've moved a fair bit in the last while so the practicalities of it don't scare so much now. All I have to do now is find a rental house with proper broadband...

We're in Pease Pottage, West Sussex at the moment. The snob in me would say it was near Horsham, but the reality is it's much nearer to Crawley. The husband is from Leixlip in Co.Kildare? not a million miles from Dublin, and lived for 3 years in Co.Meath near Navan.

It's so nice to be in touch, thanks for the welcome! best, teresa

Hi Teresa,

Welcome to the Midi-Pyrenees Chat group, I hope it proves useful to you. I live even further away in the Hautes-Pyrenees, but try to get out and about in the region when I can, researching for my website, Guide2midipyrenees. You may find some useful info on there, plus we have property for sale as well, although the majority at the moment is in the south of the region.



Hi Teresa, have read your post and noticed you mentioned Sussex. We lived there for many years before moving to France 11 years ago and also have some very good friends in Ireland so a couple of small coincidences! We're in Tarn et Garonne (dept 82) so a bit further north west from where you will be in the Tarn but reasonably close in French terms! We're still renovating our stone farmhouse after all this time as my husband is doing all the renovation work himself so your husband is not alone if that's any consolation! Look forward to sharing more info with you and good luck with the house hunting etc. Jane