Hello Bank or other (recent reviews)

Is Hello Bank still a good option?

Am considering leaving Credit Agricole…and their enormous fees for doing diddly.

I’ve researched the topic and couldn’t see anything recent.

Ta, Aly

Aly… have you discussed this with CA?? I know a chap who actually got them to reduce their charges… by threatening to close his account and move his investments away…:wink:

We recently moved to Monabanq, very happy with their service and app.

@cat has a Hello account and I still use my N26 account personally but Monabanq is a better option than both of those IMO for the moment at least.

I highly recommend Monabanq, their app and website work very well for now.

Hi Ally
I still have my Hello ac but every time I have had an issue, sorting it out has been a real PITA.

Monabanq is far better in my opinion, any issue has been dealt with via email instantly and politely. The app is much better to use and more intuitive, Hello often has problems and various functions may not work, I’ve found myself using the desktop rather than the tablet or going to the phone etc. and…drum roll…they provide chequebooks with a stub on the left!

I really like the fact that you can opt to have card transactions rounded up and put into a savings account. A very painless way of saving and it makes quite a difference.
Highly recommend them!

I guess I don’t want to move all my direct debits…there’s enough admin as it is…and am feeling a little overwhelmed with it. Really disappointed in CA. . Have punch drunk syndrome…info overload.

Aly… I think there is some system in place now which makes it easy to change Banks… I think the Banks do all the admin… worth investigating perhaps…

If they don’t return that amount I’ll be moving for sure.

Yes you are quite right. We’ve just closed our joint AXA account and opened a joint Monabanq account and the bank have done the lot - I didn’t even have to speak to anyone! Just ticked the box! It’s Macron’s new banking mobility law :slight_smile:

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How is it for AE Catharine? Do they understand the no need for pro acc rule?

Either way the trust has gone for me.

Cash incentive did you say?

Hello, I’d like one of those Monobanq invites please, currently with CA.

I’m also having problems with CA. I’ve always been in credit and a year ago they started charging me a monthly fee just for having an account with them. On e huge problem is that they only allow withdrawals TWICE a week, and recently I required several thousand euros and I had to order the money and could not access it for 8 days.
I am very interested in Monobanq…If I required say, 5K euros how do they provide the cash if they are an online bank?
What is the minimum weekly/monthly deposit required.
Do they charge for cred/debit cards?

Done, should arrive within 24 hours :slight_smile:

If you need cash then you use the bank branches that they are tied to. CIC

There is no monthly minimum, I think they charge 2 euros a month for the card but if you use it frequently they give you 10 back for the first few months!

Thank you, look forward to that.

Done, keep an eye out for it, could land in your spam folder :slight_smile:

Thanks James email bank referral has arrived. Wish me luck this morning. On my way to get my cash back!

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Thank you James for your response.
As there is no CIC bank near to my home is it possible to use their credit card to withdraw cash from ANY ATM in the region?
In the meantime could you supply me with the details in your possession to open a Monobanq account

Yes, you can withdraw cash at any ATM, I will send you an invite, look out for it in your email or email spam

Yes, please. I would like an invite.

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