Hello everyone first timer here!

(Debatc) #1

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself, I am Debbie and I live in the beautiful South of France near the historic town of Hyeres ( 83 ) I live here with my husband and 3 dogs, we have 2 westies and a new addition to our family - a 4 year year old golden retriever. My husband works for a french company and travels quite a lot abroad, we live in a small friendly town with some great French neighbours, I have met a few other "Brits" here, ( but not many ).

We have been here for 15 months and I have to admit to feeling a bit homesick now and again, not for the weather, but just for some good old fashioned "chin wags" with my friends - there is nothing like putting the world to rights over a cup of tea/coffee.( or sharing a joke or two with a bottle of wine). I also miss working for a living, my french is not good enough to get a job ( if I could find one ) but I am going to study harder this year with my Frech lessons and am joining a new class in September, so hopefully things will improve.

We have lived in quite a few places in the UK, Glasgow, Sheffield, and Devon, in Devon we ran our own B&B in Torquay.

I think that's enough about me for now, I look forward to reading all your stories on here :o)

(Sara Bowles) #2

Hi Deb,

I have an idea for you - as VP of Cancer Support France - Languedoc, we run lots and lots of fund raising events - in order to get new members etc we often hold coffee mornings and one of the ways we use to get new people to them is by going through the phone book and looking for English names in the area. I have just done a similar exercise for my husbands business and have got over 200 English names from the phone book just from villages and towns in our local area.

Why don’t you go through your phone book, and look at all your local towns and villages and invite people to a Coffee morning - you could even chose a charity you would like to support as an extra incentive to get people to come along and then you could have a collection for it.

Also try to find out local associations or clubs in your area, I bet there will be plenty!

I have a large network of really wonderful supportive friends here - in fact my friends here are much much better that the ones I had in the UK, because we mean more to one another and have so many similar experiences to share.

Incidentally I lived in Kingsbridge in Devon before moving to the Herault region 34 of Southern France.

Good luck

Sara x

(James Higginson) #3

Hi Deb

Welcome - You can add your websites here to if you like.