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Hello, My wife and I are about to purchase a “Grange / cow barn. We have renovated a few houses in the UK and I have a great job that I can work from home, so plan to do that in the holiday home while working during the days. Evenings spent renovating, getting a solid internet connection is going to be on my top to do list also I’m an electrical engineer so looking forward to rewriting the house! We are heading to the Messeix area, just returned to UK after viewing the property, the area seems to be closed, there were no restaurants open and the one we did find had burnt down! I am thinking of installing an air source heat pump with ufh in the property. But wife’s said I’m going OTT any way hello, and hopefully speak to you all again soon when we have the keys Danny and Suzy


Hello Danny and Suzy… welcome to the forum.

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Hi @Dan-Suzy and welcome to the forum.
I’m sure you will find plenty of threads already running here re air source heating and internet.
Just a couple to get you started.
Air source heat pumps
Internet. Again

Guide to French wiring regulations:



A similar guide from Schneider

Also I found the relevant section in this document helpful as a starter/overview of how things are generally approached in France

Guide-International.pdf (3.7 MB)

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Thanks all for the advice. So looking forward to getting stuck in