Hello from a newbie

Hello to everybody,

I'm Jan, I'm ancient as you can see from my photo (taken a few weeks ago on a wild night out, many apologies but I don't have anything more recent), and I have had a love affair with France for more than ten years. Since the first time I set foot in the country, I quite simply felt more at home than I ever did in London. I visited occasionally, was too lazy to learn the language, but immersed myself in the bonheur that I found (and the wine).

Now I am in a long term relationship with a Frenchman, who doesn't speak any English, the need to up my game language wise has intensified, miming diarrhoea in the pharmacie isn't the most fun you can have let me assure you! I will be moving to the Dordogne permanently in July, Moulin Neuf near Montpon Menesterol.

It's nice to join you on this site, thank you for having me.

A very warm welcome, Jan, and I hope you find a good amount of bonheur on SFN too. The excitement must be building nicely now - July is approaching rapidly. Get those packing boxes ready, lady. p.s. I laughed out loud at the visual of the diarrhoea mime. I too have had to do some miming in my day but, hey, it usually seems to work.

Thank you Valerie, what a lovely welcome.

Before the packing boxes comes many many skips I think. I've lived in the same house for thirty years and the amount of useless detritus that I have accumulated over the years is beyond embarrassing. I think it's been my dread of clearing out the loft that has stopped me from moving before.

Onwards and southwards.

I applaud you! I seem to have brought a lot of my cr&p with me, plus toys that are now way too young for an 11 year old. I could have packed so much useful stuff in their place... never mind. Live and learn.