Hello from an old Newbie!

I’m overdue to say something after too much time pinching helpful hints and tips as a stalker!

After 10 years of hunting, we’re finally due to complete any time on our dream holiday home - we’re at the Bergerac side of 33.

We’re packing up to bring some domestic stuff over and reading up on post-Brexit requirements.

Really looking forward to getting involved in the community - but stand by for loads of daft questions as we get the new place set up! Meantime, it would be really helpful to hear from anyone with recent experience of any troubles importing small furniture/DIY gear etc for personal use.


Hi Stevie_G and welcome to SF
I’ve taken the liberty of changing the Category to reflect more of what your topic is about in the hope that people will be encouraged to chip in.
Best of luck with the move!
If you click on the Category heading, you will see a whole list of helpful posts which you might wish to scan through for further information.

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Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your new house, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. :grinning:


Near Ste-Foy-La-Grande?

Very! Are you nearby?

Sorry - just discovered the user map! Every day’s a school day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the site, and to the Gironde… Although I’m on the opposite side to you.

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We are in a similar position and similar area, south of Bergerac just inside Lot et Garonne. Start moving in end of July.
I have been reading a variety of notes about taking stuff from UK to France. Mentions of lists and forms everywhere. But I can’t recall anyone saying they had actually been pulled over and asked to pay duty on anything?

Let’s keep in touch Graeme. I expect to have a boot full of towels, bedding and kitchen stuff that we’ve been stockpiling in the UK ready for our first trip in July … I’ll keep wading through the guidance and looking out for any heads-up on how hard the Douaniers are on the case.

Good luck with your move!

Thank you @Stevie_G Stevie and yes, we should, that’s a great and sensible idea.

We have an SUV type car, not a van and without trailer or roofbox. Our first trip will, like you, include bedding plus strimmer, hedgetrimmer, chainsaw, toolbox etc and wife. In all our trips through the tunnel to France over many years we have never been stopped for anything other than the explosives/drugs wipe. So I am not expecting any issues. If we had a van I might be more concerned.

We were in France last week and ordered our beds which we will collect the day after we move in. The shop loans customers (for a €20 fee) a van to do that. The beds we chose had a three week lead time so unless we wanted airbeds it was a necessity.

When do you actually complete? Have you opened french bank account?

My very best wishes to you also for a smooth and happy move.


We’ll be behind you in the queue trying not to look shifty!

No date yet but expect to complete by end of July. It’s been a marathon (offer accepted last September!) so still trying not to get hopes up.

The place is substantially furnished so we’re waiting until we get in to see how many beds we need to replace. I’ll be in touch to find out where you found yours. Friends in Eymet pointed us at Ikea.

Yes, we have a French account with Britline, who have been really helpful. Would recommend.


September. That’s stressful. Cross fingers for you.