Hello from la Creuse and a query

We have an organic self-sufficient smallholding and have recently renovated the little two roomed cottage to rent out as a holiday gite. I am trying to work out how to declare the earnings from this - less than 3000€ - on the impots de revenues form for last year. Can anyone help?
I have trawled t’internet and can’t believe I have to set up a small business and pay cotisations on this level of income?

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The income is declarable and will be subject to (less allowances) income tax and social charges.

Normally this should be declared on the 2042 C Pro by filling in the boxes relevant to your set up.

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Hi Julie,

As Simon said, these revenues should be declared on the 2042 C Pro, line 5ND. This amount less 50 % for charges will be merged with your other incomes and tax levied on the total.
As your revenues are under 82,000€ you should register as a micro entreprise on this site https://www.service-public.fr/professionnels-entreprises/vosdroits/R19837
You register online and it’s free. Don’t believe spams you’ll receive after registration that request money to register your gite into the Order of the National Gite Society or whatever fantasy.
You should also register your gite at the mairie.
Hope this will help.


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Thanks Simon, I’ve got the form and can fill in most of it. But do I have to get a siret number, declare a new business etc and all that rigmarole and pay CFE just for a turnover of less than 3000€?

Thanks Christian, we used to have an autoentrepreneur business so I’m au fait with some of the stuff. What I need to know is how much the social charges will be and how much the CFE will be and do these have to be paid all in one go? We earn very little money as we are self sufficient and support ourselves this way with minimal outside income required for paying bills etc

Also, I did try to register at our mairie but they really don’t know what that requires , our commune only consists of about 300 people !

I had a look on the RSI website. You can apply for the minimum charges :

Sorry :

  • Health= 110€ /year ; Retirement : 801€ ; Diasability-Death insurance: 59e/year; Pro education : 0.25% of your gross turnover; CSG-RDS: 8% of the gros returns; Family allowance: 2.15% of gross returns.

Woah woah woah…you most definitely do not need to register as a micro enterprise! Complete overkill! Simple registration using form P0i as a Personne Physique and submitting to your local tax office will do the job and provide you with your Siret - no fees.

Here’s the form etc:

You may or may not be liable for CFE - again this very much depends on your set up - speak to your tax office.

Here’s the form for your mairie:

Thanks Christian for your replies. I think I’ll try and go down the route Simon suggests as it seems a lot simpler :relaxed: . I’ll report back !
Thanks Simon, I’ve downloaded the forms :relaxed:

Hi Julie,

I was a bit tired when I answered your question. I read 30000 instead of 3000.
With a 3000€ turnover as a LMNP (Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel) you pay no social charges : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F34102

Sorry for having scared you :confused:

Hi Christian,
Haha no problem, thanks for that link, that’s very good news :grinning:
I’ll get on to it all today, hopefully in time to submit the tax forms before Wednesday :scream:
Many thanks to you and Simon for your help and especially the links :kissing_heart:

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Hi Julie - I just wrote a blog on this very subject which might help you. I also just declared my meagre gite income at my accts. Anything under 23,000 you declare as LMNP, no need to start an ME, as Christian correctly corrected himself! :slight_smile: Here’s the link: https://www.renestance.com/important-changes-to-furnished-accommodation-income/
Hope this helps a bit! Nicole

:smiley::+1: thanks Nicole !

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