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Hi all, bit about us.
We currently live in Suffolk and about to put house on market. We have decided time is right for our move to France. We have two adult children, no grandchildren yet! We have wanted to move for over 15 years but put our children’s education first as couldn’t afford private. It worked out, ones a solicitor in Berkshire and the other a scientist now working in Chicago. I took early retirement two years ago, husband still works but will retire on move. We are both 55.
We are looking at area from Vendee to Bergerac. We want warmer summers, not too damp or too windy. This area seem so to fit, though I need to refine more. We especially want great views of countryside.
We want to run a b&b or gite for income. About an acre for growing veg as we love gardening.
I can get by with A level French but we will be learning more.
Looking for that relaxed French lifestyle in the sun.
Please let me know pros and cons if you’re in this area for us to consider. We have visited several times.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Welcome @Stella_Jones

Best of luck with your move, you’ve come to the right place to do you research :slight_smile:

Hi Stella… and welcome to our Forum…

You must be so excited about your move… finally achieving your goal… :relaxed:

(What part of Suffolk are you in at the moment… ???)


ps: can’t believe there’s another Stella on the forum… :hugs:

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There’s some interesting info on the 2 links…



Hi Stella, yes we are few and far between!
We live on Norfolk/Suffolk border in Bungay.
I will check out those links, thanks!
What area are you in?

Hi James,
Thank you!
I’ve seen a few French forums, but this looks like it’s a good all round site.
Will be reading up lots!

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wait people do research?? I just woke up one morning and said I think i would like to live in france and was on the next ferry :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Harry, that would be great! We would if we didn’t have property to sell. Research? Haven’t analysed anything in detail. Just want usual amenities near a pretty village. Open to suggestions on any hidden gems!

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hi, welcome to the forum. it was humour luckily. My wife is french and we had always planned to come to France in 2018 but due to a work accident I was medical discharged.

While not in your area, I now run a very successful business here in the 65 region and moving our plans forward a great many years while caused some problems, it was relatively smooth.

Hello Stella

Welcome to our friendly and helpful forum. I’m sure there are lots of people on here who live in that part of France who will be able to help. Not me I’m afraid, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your house sale and your search in France.

I will give you one general tip though. If you can, while you are waiting to make the move, try to learn some more French, even if it’s just online rather than formal lessons. I promise you, you will be really pleased that you did it.

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We lived in Felixstowe for a year… then much later, found ourselves in Southwold for a few years… so know your area quite well… :relaxed:

You have a wide area of France in which to make your choice… and the ideal spot will turn up… :relaxed:

Sounds like it’s worked out just right for you :slight_smile: Not under any illusions about running a b&b but positives are meeting people :slight_smile:

we came to a family home so our options were limited. I now have my own pet sitting business so when we bought our own place we could not move too far as of my client base so our options are limited.

Gites and b and b work well in tourist areas though so plenty of spots to choose from.

Where we are there are too many gites / yurts etc that sit empty for too many weeks.

Hi Mandy, thank you! We are so excited, can’t wait, though know it will take a few months to sell most likely. We are already learning, it’s the fastness of the spoken language that is the hardest part. We will join groups once there, to pick it up quicker :slight_smile:


Wow, Stella, sure is small world! It is a lovely area here, and we have beautiful views of the Waveney valley, but our heart is in France, as is the weather, the food and the wine! Lol!

Aw, my friend does pet sitting here. We have no pets currently, did have a retriever and would like another dog if we are able to find a local pet sitter there when we need to visit our children.
Would be interested to know what areas are over subscribed with gites etc, and where there is a potential market.

Stella… when folk talk too fast … I just look helpless, hold up my hands and ask them to slow down… :wink: “trop vite” in an anguished tone… usually makes them take stock, hug me… and start again, watching to make sure I am following them…:hugs:

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plenty of pet sitters and kennels around, problems is legal ones are far less and what we offer is unique.

There is always someone here (mainly me) at all times and from 7am to silly o clock (midnightish) dogs are free to do as they please. currently al my guests (im full) are outside sunning themselves in the 2 mtr high fenced garden area.

For Gites and b and b its hard to say as while there are lots registered there are far more unregistered ones.

Good idea to get an idea of gites in an area is got to booking sites and search for how many come up.

for instance:

https://www.abritel.fr/search/refined/midi-pyrenees/tarbes/region:66611727/type+location:gite?k_clickid=EAIaIQobChMIiKH50KPa2gIVqrXtCh0bhQOpEAAYASAAEgJ_gfD_BwE&ds_kids=p27649244304&ds_kid=39700027649244304&ksprof_id=700000001548159&ksdevice=c&ktarget=dsa-320591328466&kloct=1006218&klocf=9040827&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiKH50KPa2gIVqrXtCh0bhQOpEAAYASAAEgJ_gfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNfL-NKj2toCFc6sUQodL5oASw tarbes

Welcome, we have not long joined this forum and they all seem a nice bunch, some great articles on here and you get some good advice as well. We are hoping to complete on 15 May so fingers crossed, good luck with your move.


Hi David!
How lovely, not long now! I’m hoping we could be on our way in a few months fingers crossed!
Whereabout in France are you going?