Hello to everyone on SFN

Hi to everyone. I am just finding my way around this excellent site, so a brief introduction.

I am the sales manager for Englishspoken.info www.englishspoken.info the directory for all trades, businesses and services in France.

Having retired from 30 years as a Police Officer I was looking for another challenge here in France and found it a couple of years ago with English Spoken. I get the opportunity to speak to many people living here and thoroughly enjoy it, especially being able to work from home and no shifts!!

If you got a speeding ticket, I hope it wasnt from me..


Thanks Jacqui and hello Paul!

Hi Jacqui, cyber wave back. Looking forward to getting involved on here. Seems like a really good setup with very interesting people.

*waves to Paul. Nice to “meet” you and you’ll like it here - nice folks all around (and the bosses aren’t bad either but shhh I didn’t say that!)