Hello everyone,

firstly, thank you to Catherine for making me aware of this site, it looks like a good place to be.

Ok, so without going into some long and boring diatribe. I arrived in France nearly three years ago having been made redundant from my job teaching doctors. My sister who lives here was having some health problems which caused difficulties with things like, ferrying the kids to school and looking after the horses etc etc, so, I decided to come out to France for a few weeks to help out.Something weird happened and I fell in love with the place and decided, why on earth would I want to return to what has become "the rat race" or the Uk as some people call it.

So, here I am, Have made lots of good friends, the community spirit so sadly lacking in the Uk is found here in abundance and life is generally good. I hooked up with some other musicians and we formed a band called "Goldrush", a 6 piece outfit with combined age of about a thousand and fifty lol so no lack of experience there!!! We are now getting a reasonable following around basse normandie / pays de le loire, you can find us the first Thursday of each month at the Rugby Tavern Taillebois and the last Sunday of each month at Le Famous Knight Couptrain ( these two venues are essentially a jam night so other musicians very welcome) as well as at fete de musique in st.lo.

We play a variety of music, rock, blues pop, country, reggae and are available for private gigs or pubs etc.

We are obviously going thro something of a trying time at the moment with lack of fuel etc so, if there is anybody in my area that is struggling with anything, please do drop me a line, we have a good network of friends here that will be delighted to help out where we can.

Ok, so enough for now, good luck and good health to all, maybe see you again soon


What a nice offer of help - thanks Bob!