Help/Advice on buying Children's Glasses in France


We have just found out that our 7 year old needs glasses, any advice on the process, how long it might take etc… Wondering if opticians are happy to add lenses to internet bought frames.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

I am off to practice all the French I know around eyes and a 7 year old who wants Hello Kitty glasses…!

Thank you Tracy… We have an insurance where we pay and then we have to send it to the insurers who reimburse us, so I guess we are not tied, but will also not get discounts, I will definitely call them now though. I think she will wear the glasses at first, she still struggles a bit at school as we have only been here 6 months, so I am more worried about her not being able to communicate her feelings if anything is said, she understands everything, but can’t fight back, so to speak… Best get ourselves off to the optician. Thank you again…

Hi, my 6 year old has been wearing glasses for a couple of years now and it has been an interesting learning curve.

The best thing is to go to an optician used by your mutuelle, that way you generally get a discount and believe me they are expensive.
Use an optician that is local as you will be constantly going back in to get them repaired, if possible buy 2 pairs, many have an offer buy one, get a 2nd pair for 1 euro, though there is generally a minimum spend for this.

For the 1st pair, I recommend you buy in a shop because as I mentioned, kids break them all the time and the guarantee will not be much help if you are having to send them away every month. The sizing is tricky for kids as they are still growing as well. Our optician has put new lenses in old frames but it’s not particularly cheaper, nominally but then you don’t get the reimbursement, which for children is a lot higher than for adults - still pretty shabsville though!

If the frames are in stock it normally takes about 5 working days from start to finish.

Let me know if you need any tips about how to persuade your child to wear them - bribery works well in our house but we’re getting there!