HELP! Avoué (Avocat) Wanted in Bordeaux


Does anybody know of a good avoué in Bordeaux who speaks english and who will also accept "aide juridictionnelle". I won a tribunal in Angouleme in September to recover goods which had been stored by a so called friend who later refused to return them.

After winning the case, the person still refused to return my things and has made an appeal at Bordeaux. Due to stress and the low (as far as the courts are concerned) value of my belongings, I offered to drop the case. This person is continuing to pursue the case and is now attempting to recover his legal costs from me for keeping my belongings.

I have tried lots of avocats from the internet but they either don't speak english, don't accept "aide juridictionnelle" or don't want to take such a small case on, even though I won first time round.

Time is now running out and I am desperate. Can anybody please help.

Hi Vivienne

You might try this Angoulême-based office. After all if you're convinced you've got a good case you only have to add the reimbursement of the costs to you complaint / counter-defense.