Help, Clickimpots!

I’ve used Clickimpots this year as I had some complicated stuff to get through.
Clickimpots tells me my tax form has been filed. But nothing is showing up on
And I’m getting a bit worried.

Has anyone else used this software? Is it all going to be okay?

clickimpôts seem to be be some commercial operation offering a service… do they file online through your account with the impôts or do they file on paper on your behalf? If it’s a paper return, it may not yet have hit the system such that you can see the return on line.
Best people to ask is them and at the same time, ask them to confirm in writing, just in case (and keep the responses safe).

No, it’s filed electronically, and their system is saying that it has worked. But I can’t find anything on the impots system.

Yes, I appreciate that but if it is filed (electronically) through their account as your agent, it may not hit your personal account with the impôts just yet and may not until the tax bill is issued to you. That is a question which can only be answered by clickimpôts.

Okay, I get it, I think.
Yes, it looks as if they file on my behalf as an agent and the data doesn’t show up till later.
I’m a little bit distrustful as apparently this is the first time they’ve done everything in the cloud…

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When we had someone do our tax return in France, he set up our online account, had our password and access to our account with the impôts with our blessing and knowledge and advised the impôts as such in the appropriate place on the return. That way we could later log in to our account and see what had been entered on our behalf.
I can only assume, as I don’t know about the relationship between you and your agent, that they are not accorded the same privilege?

@Andrea_Kirkby Hi Andrea, I certainly think you should look for further info/reassurance from your agent. We have someone who does our tax filing for us and I received an email from the French tax office which commenced:

Votre déclaration a bien été enregistrée le 26 mai 2021 à 12:21:34.
Vous pouvez retrouver votre déclaration ainsi que l’ensemble de vos avis d’impôt dans votre espace particulier sur

I received this email at 12.22 - ie within a minute of the declaration being filed.

presumably then @SuePJ your agent logged in to your impôts account to file the return?

Sorry Graham, I don’t know how she does it. OH handles all this.

don’t you talk to him any more :astonished: :slightly_smiling_face:

:grin: I’m married to a CA so think this is one area at least where there is no need to micro-manage him. :grin:

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No, they don’t have my password but they do have all my other information. You used to download the software and do the declaration yourself; now it’s all in the cloud, and they forward the entire thing to DGFIP for you. I have printed out a PDF and checked the T&C, and kept their email confirming that they received a reception notice from DGFIP, so I hope that in the event of any problems, that little bundle will work out OK.

I must admit that using their software was nearly as bad as filling in the forms anyway, but it does have some useful features for optimising your tax if you could use bareme rather than flat tax, and so on.

I’m used to the US style where everyone uses HR Block or Turbotax…

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You’re married to a bank? :astonished:
I can see why it might be useful, but couldn’t you find a decent one? :laughing: :wink:

Interesting thought! Chartered Accountant. :grin:

Ah, I see, I did stretch my brain for a short while, but didn’t come up with that. :confused: :laughing:

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Hence the tax thing - that’s one thing I can definitely delegate! :grin: