Help, correct form for brexit CDS for my son

I´m struggling, I´m recovering from Covid and I´m exhausted. just spent hours changing our tyres (no choice final contre visite tomorrow). I also have a RDV at the prefecture for tomorrow for my son´s CDS but my brain isn´t functioning very well and I can´t work out which is the correct form. Dumb question from me I know but if anyone can save me time and has the answer I´d really appreciate it!!

Si vous êtes arrivé avant le 31 décembre 2020 alors que vous étiez mineur, vous devrez demander un titre de séjour “accord de retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’UE” dans l’année suivant votre 18e anniversaire.

Vous devez effectuer votre demande sur le site internet de votre préfecture ou sous-préfecture (si vous êtes à Paris, sur le site de la préfecture de police).

RIFT says that préfectures vary which is not much use.

Have you looked at your préfectures site? I don’t know which you are so can’t hunt for you.

(If all else fails take every document you can thinks of and see if they will help you do it on the spot)

Thanks Jane, the info is really as clear as mud, even on the gouv website!!! I´m printing off all the paperwork I can, EDF from when we arrived, and now, school insurance from first year at school, and his current apprentice contract. Surely he shouldn´t have to provide more than we did for our own CDS!!! And to top it he was born here as well!!

It just goes around in circles!!! NO info on what form to use!

We are in 24 and they were fabulous during the online period but I have been trying to get an appoinment for over 6 months and the info on the website is dire and impossible to speak to anyone. Getting very frustrated and feel like tomorrow is going to be a waste of time when I´d rather be in bed recovering!

From today’s Confusion e-mail , if its of any help…:thinking:

Automatic citizenship for children born in France with foreign parents - MODIFIED

According to the droit du sol or ‘territorial principle’, anyone born in France has an automatic right to citizenship, even if their parents are not French.

Parents of younger children can claim French nationality for them at certain ages, as long as they meet the condition of having lived in France for a certain number of years when the request is made.

Otherwise, French nationality is automatic for young people reaching 18 and living in France, if they have been resident at least five years when they apply. They are asked to request a certificate proving their nationality to use for official purposes.

However, senators voted to modify this long-held staple of French republican values by removing the ‘automatic’ nature of this right and saying that children of foreign parents must apply for citizenship between the ages of 16 and 18 stating their desire to become French.

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Take a print of this page with you too. (Should open to give you the para about 18;yr olds)

Other ideas…

His birth certificate
Current EDF attestation
Photos? Can’t remember if the WARP CdS has one or not

Keep telling yourself “polite but determined”.

Good luck.

Sorry @toryroo but I am totally unable to help though you have done so much for us that I would love to if I could. All I can say is I hope that you are overthinking it and that everything you take with you will sort it for you.

Must say that I am surprised though that someone born in France is not automatically French.

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A good point, but he would have had to apply at age 13.

Sorry ToryRoo but you’ve missed a trick as he can apply now but will be more difficult than had he done so at 13.


I suppose it means that perhaps the question you are asking isn’t the best one? Rather than asking for a CDS, you could be asking for French nationality, which would give everything and a lot more than a CDS would? Not that I know anything of course but we do tend to think automatically in terms of CDS since that’s what most of us have :smiley:


We hadn’t been back for 5 years when he was 13. Still very easy as long as I get my butt in gear before he turns 18 in May! Which I will of course!

The reason for the CDS is timescale as he had a summer job, and should really have had it for that. We thought he also needed it for his apprenticeship, but turns out it’s fine. He apparently also needs it to get CAF help for his rent, although I’m sceptical as under the WA all his rights are protected. Unfortunately so many offices don’t know so figure better to have it to ease things!

Absolutely, that is next step!


I think now he’s over 13 he has to have a CdS to apply for nationality.

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Really? Not spotted that so even more reason to get his CDS! :smile:

Oh dear - that wasn’t how I read it but then it’s not my area so how would I know? What a pain… fingers crossed for you tomorrow @toryroo - I’m sure you’ll be fine but these things are sooo stressy!

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Sorry I totally, bizarrely, missed your post Mark. I understood this to be the case anyway so I´m very confused!!!

I hope the meeting goes well. At the very least, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of what else they need - probably your hamster’s birth certificate…

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Good luck, @toryroo. Hope it’s all plain sailing :crossed_fingers:

Will be soon now you have your diploma!

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Fingers crossed… :smiley:

After all that he messaged me that he is really sick so we didn’t go!!! I’ll update when I know more!

Oh dear… Looking on the bright side, your covid confusion should have disappeared by the time of the next appointment - and it’s given you some breathing space.

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