Help dealing with incompetent Realtors who let my tenants paint my gorgeous wood walls

Greetings all,

I bought an apartment in Rouen three years ago and have had a real estate company rent it out. I just discovered that one of the tenants painted my pine walls in the living room. Other problems condition of apartment after tenants as well, but this is the main one.

Realtors are, of course wanting to do the least costly fix. They want bring in their painter who will sandblast the living room. I found my own painter who will use a chemical remover and has done a test area in the living room with lovely results. His approach will take more time and cost signifcantly more. The realtors are not forthcoming and I don’t know how to best navigate the issue.

I am living in California, plan to take the apartment over and furnish it in July, possibly renting as gite.

Many thanks for any help.

Hi Rob,

I appreciate your advice. It strikes me as being very realistic, though I am sorry to have to absorb any of the cost. Thanks.