help...Father xmas I need a special present

Like all of you I am taking advantage of living in this beautiful country.

Came here fairly well organised with all researched procedure placed in motion.
Crazy quotes for the renervations to our chambre to hote to be and a wild dedline

for opening.....achieved..all but one week of delay.

After lots of anxious hours....a couple of years...perhaps our carte Vitals are sorted.

Our feline family grows and after 2 tragic tales we are currently friends with 5 healthy

cats who have developed an interest in my cooking...especially when it is guinea fowl

or free range chicken.

The chambre d hote is developing well and the work is a puntuation of everything I

knew before of the trade and interesting beginings.

What I did not bargain for was the mis adventures which I seem to enduring with my accountant.

Pleasantly smiling younger version of Jean Christoph Novelli ...offspring of the catwalk of

celebrity chefs seemed to be getting a few thnings wrong.

THAT may be acceptable with a receipe...OTHER peoples...not mine.
Badgering him for the best part of 2 years as to why everything seemed to be mad.

Well J has been paying 30% of his takings in cotisations....SPELT OK?

And paying for 3 YEARS during 2011!!!

Apparently the correct payements should be closer to 12%

With bright prospects of buisness growing it will relate to surviving in France or

possibly making a moderate success in France.

This paints a brighter picture ......but what to do about the accountant ?

By the way I have found a new accountant.

What do you all think?


I knew that the French tax system was complex and had a large appertitite but

it was/is a huge chunk out of a small turnover. What the hell was I to pay when

my figures doubled.

I have found an Accountant in Bergerac who seems genuinely helpfull and we are moving

quickly. Apparently there is a problem with the registration of the buisness and Siret....

I have the documents to prove that the buisness is registered.

what a saga.

sack him and find a decent one and let the new one sort the overpayment out and send him the accountants bill for doing so.

just sack him , but if you have a contract with him , watch the small print ....

Fine dining and help Father xmas are 2 seperate subjects.