Help finding a business turnover

Can anyone please advise if or how I can find out a person or business turnover/income for a previous year(s).

I have a court case ongoing and its coming to the last stages where the Farmer involved is pleading near poverty to reduce his imminent fine.

I would like to see if this is actually the case.

I would love to prove he lied to the court.

I have business details SIREN/SIRET etc but don't know if possible like in the UK.

This is fairly urgent!!!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Andrew, yes i'd looked at that but no go.

have siret etc but nothing listed.

It's a shame as we have him by the neck on other issues.

Just wanted to prove he is lying to the court.

it depends on his business set-up. If he's a sole trader then you won't have access, if he's a company then you will - here's where you need to look ;-)

Don't forget that a good accountant and the way French business works will probably mean he doesn't earn much on paper (I have family who are agriculteurs here). He'll probably have to have proved his earnings to the court too...

Bonne chance !