Help - ID for Brevet

Help - boy 2 is doing his brevet blanc this week. On the way to the bus this morning he told me he was supposed to have his passport with him - we would have missed the bus if I’d turned around and they let him do it yesterday without it (so cross, he should have told me last night). I’m now however in a panic as it is only a month or so until the real Brevet and I’ve realised his passport is out of date. Does anyone know what the situation is with this? Is out of date OK? Can he use a Livret de Famille? Does it have to be photo ID? @vero

I’m worried he won’t be able to sit his exams!

Max lost his bloody passport just before his bac so I got him an attestation from the mairie (after asking Vero of course!!).


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Oh gosh that makes me feel better!!! I’ll call the college later and ask them what we can do!

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Passeport périmé : validité et démarches - Ooreka.
I found this ,it might help.

Hmmm so seems that OK if less than 2 years out of date but to be honest I think it may be more than that!

I don’t get it though as kids here don’t have ID cards until they get a license. So surely a livret de famille with his birth in it would be fine?? Perhaps in conjunction with my carte de sejour (copy). I await Vero’s thoughts after school! I’ve even searched and there are lots of French kids also saying they have nothing but finding it hard to find more info.

They can have a carte d’identité at any age though, and it is free so why not, it is very handy.

He’s not French though - UK and Aussie PPs but was born here. Although must check when he can apply for his nationality. This is why I was asking can he use his Livret de Famille do you know @vero ?

No photo on the L de F unfortunately - but acc to the rules wherever he does the brevet he is ok if he has 2 people employed by school who can confirm he is who he says he is. So more problematic if he he is doing the DNB in another school as sometimes happens. I would sort this with the CPE now in plenty of time, if need be with an attestation from the mairie. Do one with a nice clear photo :blush:

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