Help in english for elderly applying for APA

My elderly mother needs to go into a home in France and needs to apply for APA and any other benefits to fund her care. Is there an equivalent of Help the Aged in France who can help with the forms which are all in French?

Hello @Suki1 and welcome to the forum.

contact your Mairie… they will have someone who can help … or explain where you can go to find help.

And if there is no one at the Marie then contact this group



are you able to tell us which professional has suggested your Mother needs to go into a Home and a rough idea of why ??

EDIT the reason I ask is that APA cannot be linked to many other financial aids… and might not be the route to go…

Many thanks. My mother has advanced dementia and needs 24 hour care. Social services have advised that we apply for APA plus other benefits to assist. The problem is that it does not cover the full cost and my mother cannot afford the deficit.

If your mother cannot afford the deficit… I believe cheaper situations might be available and need to be identified, might be some distance away…
and (certainly locally) family are expected to help with the costs of looking after parents…

does your mother have any property/assets… that is another aspect

it’s a delicate area…
best of luck.

Are you in France or the UK? And do you speak French? As it sounds as if you need to push to get options that work better for your mum and your family. Places in homes that cater for dementia are more difficult, but a range exists.

Forgive me if you know this, but in France it is expected (and required by law) that children contribute to costs for their parents. So the social services assistant may not have considered it a priority to find somewhere that suited your mother’s budget.