Help in furnishing an empty house in Civray

Hi all, we bought our french house in Civray taking possession in May this year. We are currently suffering the chill of our Canberra winter and looking forward to visiting the house in August. The house is empty and I need to furnish the place form top to bottom.

I have read with interest many discussions on this topic but would now appreciate some advice on possible places to commence purchasing our home furnishing products. I have viewed today a post where Ikea are rated good for linen so that seems a logical place to start. Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Previous SFN advice got me through the purchasing stage without a single problem and the general advice posted over the years that I have been a member have been so helpful. I am looking forward to being a part time resident in the Civray area.

Yes - Aude, just outside of Mirepoix
We will be back in France to settle on our house on 2nd September.

Hello Lesley, when you mention 11th district, are you talking about department of Aude ?

There are Emmaüs stores in Narbonne and Servian there may be other.

When will you be in France?

I hope this helps. Marie-Antoinette

Hello William, I know one place where you can get Everything you could possibly need - from Me !!! I have just sold my lovely 7 bedroom Charentaise farmhouse which included a fitted out gite so I have all that is needed (some in duplicate and triplicate) to fit out a House, Gite or B&B, from Beds and bedlinen, to 4 sofas, pine dining table & chairs, freezer, hoover, toaster, garden furniture & tools, glasses, cutlery, rugs, plus some lovely antique furniture including Mahogany wash stand, old French Rococco gilt mirror (but needs some tlc), lots of pictures, mirrors, ornaments, vases, and so forth. Some items can be purchased and taken away now, others will have to wait until 26th August. I am moving on 16th September to a smaller, modern house locally, so my interior style will be completely different. I will probably hold a House Sale chez moi the first week of September to sell off the remaining items. Yes, I am situated close to NIORT, but it is probably worthwhile if you can get everything from one place instead of driving around wasting petrol searching for items and I can offer a cup of tea while you are browsing ! Email me on if you are interested. Debbie

Hi Marie-Antoinette
Being a newby to France and this forum, I am still trying to figure out my surroundings.
I too am setting up house and the SFN has been very kind to me.
Not having any French (this will change) is not helpful. I had a look at the link fro Emmuas stores and can’t figure if there is one in the 11th district… Can you help?
Many thanks in Anticipation

Thank you for the prompt reply Marie-Antoinette. I will head for one of those stores when I hit the ground. Nice to hear that they have a store close by.


Bill (otherwise known as William)

William, welcome to the Vienne, a good place to look for furniture, dishes, glasses, pots and pans is Emmaüs stores I saw there is one in Poitiers and Châtellerault there may be other closer to Civray, we are in Charente-Maritime, have been here 7 years and have purchased (been very happy with our purchases) dining room furniture, curtains and other items .