Help - my poor baby has been violated!


My pup (10 months old) is going through her first season and on the advice of some kind folk on here and also my vet we decided to let her have her first season and then get her spayed a couple of months after as this (according to the vet) is the best thing to do.

We have been SOOOOOOOOO careful… she has not even been allowed out in the garden on her own as we def dont want babies. However tonight she was being a total pain during dinner and so we put her outside on the front step on a lead so she wouldnt go anywhere. We could actually see her so thought it would be fine. HOWEVER we were distracted by chatting to the kids and heard a ‘squeak’ only to find another dog mounting her!!! I opened the door and the other dog tried to get away but was attached to her… it took a minute for him to release himself. My other dog realised what was going on and chased the stranger dog away.

I just cant believe it - Gracie is now walking funny and keeps licking herself. We really dont want pups and wondered if anyone knew of anything we could do to try and prevent pregnancy after the deed has been done?

Thanks for your help

Hi Natasha

Found a web page you might like to read.

Just go to the above link. Just a bit more information. Best of luck, Gina

Great info Tania I shall make a note. G.

Hi there

there is a “morning after jab” for dogs too!!
Tanke her to the vet and he will explain the exact proceedure. It consisits of a couple of injections at a particular moment, should cause no damage to your dog, is slightly risky if you were thinking of breeding from her later on, but otherwise very efficent!!

good luck

Tania Lambert
Border terrier breeder

Hi Natasha I got both my girls done yesterday. I was not very happy about doing it ( rather invasive ) but Lizzie has run free on the mountains around Carcassonne and Jane was a chasse dog. So I really did not have any options when they run, they run.

Hope you get this resolves successfully - I shall scour the internet for some information G.

Hi there,

I believe that there is a morning after pill or injection that costs about 120 euros. Contact your vet asap and get advice from him/her.

Hi Nat
I think you can get the MAP for dogs? C x

I know that with cats the best option would be to get her done straight away.
I have to say that I dispair of vets who advise that it is best for them to have one season or even to have one litter, it just isn’t true and quite the reverse, the risks for a young female cat in labour are great.
Check with your vet but my option would be to get her neutered right away!