Help - need a bereavement counsellor who can work over the phone in a pinch

Someone who does this in English please. Thanks for any suggestions.

Yes, you re so correct. My husband drowned in Usa.
I had lots of help, but never for long enough, so it is only recently that I have become “myself”.
Neverthless phone help is better than no help and it’s good to see how many people are available and willing.
Im glad to hear you are on the mend.

Thank you all for your advice and offers of assistance.

Hi Donna,

My wife, Nikki, is a former CRUSE bereavement counsellor and currently lives (with me!) in South-West France to where we have retired. She originally did the CRUSE bereavement training with VICTIM SUPPORT, which was her first placement. She subsequently saw about 6 patients via CRUSE (Harlow, in Essex). She then spent 4 to 5 years working 1 day a week for a local GP and for MIND, the National Association for Mental Health via the Branch located at Great Dunmow in Essex.

If you are interested, please give further details of the bereaved person (if it is not yourself), including location and preferred start date, to her email address,



Hi Donna
I don’t know your area but if you still haven’t found someone perhaps my husband can help. He trained in UK and worked for Cruse but not yet established in France. Carol & Roy area 03

Hi there, I’m a former Cruse bereavement counsellor and NHS therapist. I work in person and via Skype. Please feel free to check my info at

I am a trained counsellor and would be happy to talk over the phone and discuss your requirements

Of course I'm totally unaware of your reasons for needing this service Donna but from personal experience it may not be practical for this work over the phone. My wife died suddenly on the 22nd of December 2013 and I was distraught. I went to counselling several times in the following months but it wasn't until I worked out what I needed from the sessions that it really started to help. I'm not sure I could have worked that out just over the phone. For example, long silences can form part of the process. The contacts that Simon has given you look very good and I really hope you find the support and help you need but, personally, for what it's worth as someone who's just emerging from the horrible experience, I'd try and go for face to face if at all possible. Good luck.

You can get in touch with Cruse Bereavement Care too - a free service, well-trained counsellors who are volunteers and specifically trained in over-the-phone work, assuming you have a phone deal with free calls to the UK.

They also have an internet service which I haven't tried.

Check out their Head Office details online and take it from there - with very best wishes.

If you have no luck with those Donna, try contacting Cancer Support France - it’s an English run Charity in France for English speakers, they are not bereavement counsellors, but may be able to help you out, given their ‘clients’ are English/speaking cancer sufferers in France and helping the families at the end is also part of what they do, in a manner of speaking. There are affiliTed association in several different French departments, so you may find someone neRer to where you need help.

They all use the acronym CSF.

Many thanks, Simon.

Donna - a couple for you to try:


Best of luck / Simon