Help. Need urgent advice on 2022 Tax Decllaration

Late completing this years tax declaration as it’s usually fairly simple.
Have reached the end of the normal income figures but am unable to proceed because have been routed to fill in Appendix 2047 and 3916
(Foreign income bank account or insurance details ) Is this something others have generally received .? Or am I subject to some information exchange issue ? The only thing I can think of in 2022 was that I changed my Utmost personal pension plan for a SIPP and the companies might have submitted details . If I have to describe these two products what are their French equivalent titles . Just to confirm that I have not taken any income from either.
Any help or guidance much appreciated as the deadline is just around the corner .Thanks………Mike

Hi. Normally you fill in 2047 when you have received income from abroad, eg: a pension, salary, interest, rental income.

In form 3916 you have to declare any bank or investment accounts you have abroad, wether or not they provide you any income (interest, dividends etc…). Note for example that a Paypal account needs to be delcared in form 3916. Revolut as well if it’s the old Lithunian based accounts.

Normally these forms appear when you select the corresponding tick boxes, so I’m surprised if these have appeared out of thin air.

Hope this helps.

Everyone with a bank or savings account abroad should do 3916, and yes countries share information.

Thanks to you both for your help . Does anyone know the French name or equivalent to a Uk SIPP ?

I use James at ARCPOD to do my tax returns. He doesn’t cost the earth and is very good. He might be able to give you some advice.

Hi Lolli, Thanks for the recommendation , I’ll certainly look into it.

I am concerned by thus as well, or rather whether to declare DC (defined Contribution) pension funds. The notes in the French impôts site don’t mention pensions, only assurance vies in the section about savings by “capitalisation”.

Might be “Plan Epargne Retraite” PER? I think that is a self-managed pension plan which is available at banks and has some tax benefits.