Help needed

After my "Big Push" i am back in the UK for work to pay for next stage but I need a little help please.My new mobile turned up from sosh orange a couple of days before i left,i was so busy i did not open the parcel till today in the uk, great i thought nice new iphone but there was NO SIM CARD in the parcel or phone as it delivery note says there should be DOES ANYONE HAVE A TELEPHONE NUMBER I CAN CALL OR A WEB ADDRESS SO I CAN CONTACT SOMEONE ABOUT THIS as I have been unable to find one .thanks Bryan

great thanks will try in the morning

Orange English speaking helpline 0969363900

Bon Courage

Not sure, Brian, but I have a vague recollection from a friend in a similar position that the SIM card is sent out separately. Have you a neighbour/friend who could check your mailbox?