Help online French tax declaration for retired people

I foolishly left doing my annual french tax declaration des revenues until the last day!
Having got all my figures together (we are a retired couple)… I logged into my espace particular only to find that everything has changed!
I just can’t find the section or line to declare our UK pensions.
I have verified the foreign bank account details… no problem, but just can’t sort the pension income.
Any help would be appreciated
Panicked of Paziols
P.S. we also sold our second home last year and the notaire said specifically not to declare the amount of sale again as it would already be known.
There is a strange shaded out and uneditable grey tick mark in the box ‘capiteaux immobilier’ … so shall I presume that signifies the amounts are declared (and already tax/social charge paid)

There is a help guide elsewhere on SF in the Tax & Social charges section.

Thank you Graham…
I saw this link after posting and have had a quick look.
It looked promising to start with, but then I noticed the references to 2018 and even 2016 which were years that I managed to submit my pension successfully.
The point I’m struggling with is that it is all different now and I can’t find the section to declare our pensions now. (I think it was supplementary no2047 before)

Go step by step as outlined but see page 14 in the guide which deals with pensions.
Forget about any references to 2018 and 2016, they are old graphics re-used for this guide.

Hi David,

I think your problem may be that you need to go right back to the very beginning of the online declaration process and make sure that you have selected the box that tells the system that you have pension income to declare. Then, as you go forward page by page, the section and lines for entering the pension amounts will magically appear.
The online system is designed to only show you the sections and lines that you actually need to complete (rather than the entire form) and so it’s essential that you make sure that all relevant types of income to be declared are listed right at the very start of the process.
Good luck.