Help please - in a bind Re imminent move

I know this is probably covered elsewhere but I need some pretty urgent help please. All
Packed up in the U.K. and OH there ready to drive our worldly goods down on Monday (10th) and the van hire place have let us down saying their only available 7.5t lorry has broken down and won’t be fixed for a week. Eurotunnel booked for Monday and all our utilities cancelled from then plus the house is rented and notice given to quit effective from 16/9 . OH struggling - as in has been unable to find any other firm able to step in at such short notice to bring our furniture down. Having no internet - and I’ve only got 3G on mobile isn’t helping. Does anyone have any contact details of companies that might be able to help . Either self drive van hire (need 7.5t) or companies that move you , preferably in the Essex/Chelmsford area or prepared to pick up from there . Everything is packed ready to go (assuming a company will accept stuff we’ve packed ourselves). Any help greatly appreciated. As you can imagine I’m here alone and now somewhat distraught .

Sorry to read your last post, Vanessa. We moved ourselves from Rayleigh and there is an excellent self-drive van hire company in Basildon in Wash Road, S&J van hire, very helpful, new vans, ready to go, good rates, open Sunday from 0900.

Vans are Luton type, easy to load and drive, you may need to make more than one trip but at least you will get essentials to your new home quickly.

Hope this helps. Love to Coco and Mia.

Things will get sorted, keep smilin’! :grinning:

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Panic averted - for now ar least - although still not letting go of the inhaled breath! OH has just rung to say that he’s managed to book the only remaining 7.5t from the only other company in town for Monday. He ended up driving into town (about 20 miles away) after not getting any response by phone as the company shuts at 12:00. I am now turning blue from having held breath for too long😳

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Phewwwww! :grin:

Thank you so much Peter this is really helpful - good to have as a backup plan as minutes after my panicked plea OH rang to say he’d found another 7.5t.Fingers crossed this one is OK . He’s driving down with our next door neighbour who is also helping to load (along with his missus) . He’s a fully qualified HGV driver and an excellent mechanic to boot but sounded like the other firm were a bit dodgy as they phoned on Thursday asking if we still needed the lorry and when they rang to say it had broken down and wouldn’t be available they said they couldn’t find the booking showing OH had already paid for it! Strange it can’t be fixed for a week too - I’ve my doubts about their story but can’t prove anything. They say they’ll credit the money back … I’ve updated my original post to but your rapid response got there before me. Thank you again and if it goes Pete Tong again we know where to try. I never cease to be amazed by the kindness of strangers . Cats are now snoring btw:joy_cat: