Help Please, problems with Zoom

I’ve come very late to Zoom - not really a fan, but I’m missing seeing people without masks so decided to rejoin our photo club.

Unfortunately all did not go well!
I can see and hear them. They can hear me but not see me.

I tested my camera before the meeting - it comes on and can see me fine.
I clicked on the video icon with the red line crossed through and my camera green light comes on.

I’ve just tried again this morning with a friend and same problem - she can hear me but not see me. I can see her just fine.

Anyone any suggestions please?

PC, tablet or smart phone?

It’s a PC

Ah, I’ve not used Zoom on a PC, so I’m not au fait with the menus/buttons.

There’s always the old “turn it off and back on again”.

Unplugging and reconnecting the webcam and listening for the device lost and device connected Windows sounds might be another thing to try.

Does it come up with a video test box before you get let into the meeting?

I would agree with you Guy - except that Zoom can see my camera and when I tested it can see me!

I tested my camera when I first went into Zoom and, as I said to Guy, it sees my camera and me.

Ahhh ok so that was on zoom itself you tested. Hang on I’ll open mine and see if I cna see anything useful …

OK go to the bottom left and corner and you should see an icon that says ‘stop video’ - just to the right of that is a tiny arrow, if you click on that it comes up wiht a menu including one called ‘video settings’, check that your camera is the correct one listed and that it isn’t accidently ‘off’ in teh settings

I had the same problem and I THINK it was related to how I started the Zoom session because it asked what video setting I wanted to use and the one that worked was the one that didn’t make sense… I shall log onto mine again and see if I can find the exact bit…
(This was on a PC)

Ignore me! I now can’t get it to repeat the fault I had… so sorry…

Don’t worry, it happens quite a lot :slight_smile:

The OP is still having her problem (probably) though?

Are you using the Zoom app for PC or a plugin for your browser? Have you tried it with whichever one you’re not currently using and do you get the same issue?

Hi Guy, thanks. In the end, although Zoom seemed to be able to see my camera I’ve taken your advice, moved the camera to another USB port and done as you suggested and it’s worked. :grin:

Thank you to everyone here for your suggestions and help.