Help Please - What Password does Outlook Want?

Sorry, I’m a complete idiot when it comes to IT stuff. I should know/understand but am nervous of making things worse.

I have an webmail account with Orange and I download my emails from Orange’s site onto my own computer into my Outlook inbox

Occasionally I check my Orange webmail as legitimate messages sometimes get put in their spam box.

I have just tried to get into my webmail and Orange has told me to create a new password - which I’ve done and I can now see what’s in my webmail. I see I have new messages.

So I opened up outlook and did send/receive and got this pop up box:


Would I be right in thinking I need to put the new password I’ve just created into the password box?

I hope it is as simple as that. But I thought I’d better check first before I find I’ve been locked out of outlook.

Thanks for any help / advice.

Hello Sue.

I’m no expert either but I agree that you should enter your newly-created Orange password. Just to be sure, you could verify first that you can successfully log-in to Orange with the new password, and if that works, it should work fine for Outlook.

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Absolutely, if you have changed the password for your Orange account, then the web client (Outlook in this case) doesn’t know you have changed your password. It has to be told the new password.

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Thank you @warkywel and @hairbear for the reassurance - worked beautifully. :grin:

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