Help Please

Is anyone or know anyone moving down to SW France between now and September. We plan our final move sometime in September 90% of our furnature etc has been moved but we still have some stuff to go

. So if anyone has any space on the lorry we really would appreciate some help I can get someone to help at the other end if I am not there and a donation can be made to help with cost. Any room at all would be most useful.Or even if anyone is planning a big move anytime from Aug on maybe we could share the full cost if there is room

Try Burg European Removals (they do a monthly run), load up or the Roadahead removals for quotes. The first two come recommended (by others) and we had a range of quotes from the third.

Ok lets keep in touch via survive france and we may be able to help each other out

Hi Bryan - we're also looking to move kids play equipment back to Herault anytime from March to end April at latest. The toys/high chairs etc are based in Canary Wharf London and moving to 34 Herault (near Pezenas). We don't have enough for even a part load type removal really. I could box and send about 15 boxes by UPS but we'd have to take assembled toys apart which I'd rather not do. We definitely don't have space in our car. So if you were looking to move stuff at the same time perhaps that's another shared collection/drop off possibility to keep both our costs down?