Help save the world from plastic for 5€

Embal’VERT 80% 5 Days left!!

Latest news, we hit 80%. Which seems amazing as just a few days ago I was jumping up and down that we hit 40%.
However, as there are only 5 days remaining, I am getting a little panicky, as the rules state that everyone gets a full refund if we do not hit 100%.

So I have put together one last video, for you to share with your nearest and dearest, together with the link for the donations.

Thanks again for all your help

Alastair & Louise

Donate here
Video ici.

Link for your contacts

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You signed up to this to help Alastair make the world a better. less-plastic place, remember he DID NOT promise to cure Baldness or Cellulite! Thanks!

Our mailing address is:
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Idaux Mendy 64130

Might be an idea to explain how this will help?
Call me a cynical person but handing over €5 is going to change what?

Bryan… haven’t you been on Survive France before… fundraising for animals or some such…??

Hmmmm. Aren’t there an awful lot of cling film alternatives already on the market?

I use boc n’roll for lots of things, as well as for sandwiches. Amd they look good too.

And lots of other options to cover food…

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I had a plastic fiver last time I went to UK, not getting that😂

Show off :smile: