Help sourcing floor tiles, wooden flooring and kitchen unit suppliers in 17 or 33

Hi All,

Could anyone please recommend local suppliers for floor tiles, wooden flooring and kitchen units. I`m located in the Cozes/Royan area of Charente Maritime. I`m looking for mid range price and possibly from independent suppliers but would consider anything if price and quality were right. I`ve been to some of the big retail outlets in Saintes. Any help and shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Peter, Here is the company we used several years ago. I have no idea if he is still trading, but at the time we got a good price and the quality was also excellent.

Oakwood Import

Zone Artisanale La Croix Blanche,

46200 Lachapelle-Auzac,


GPS co-ordinates 44.92483 N, 1.490702 E

Oakwood Import is a trade name of the company THOMPSON SARL,
registered in 1996 at the Chamber of Commerce in Cahors.

Contact :

Nick Thompson

Tel :
Fax :
Mobile :

+33 (0) 565 320 605
+33 (0) 565 320 118
+33 (0) 680 339 357

Good luck.


Thank you Jane, I need about 85 to 100 square metres.I would appreciate details of the firm in Bordeaux.

Peter, how much wooden flooring do you need because we sourced ours from an English firm in Bordeaux?

They sell mainly into the UK and were not afraid to sell to an individual.

Just to say to all.the world of blogging,tweeting, threads etc is completely new to me. this looks like its in the wrong place on SFN? I`ve just about got my head around texting. Also I need to get my picture on here, I know.

Paul, thank you for your first reply re Leboncoin. I dont know what happened but I appear to have deleted it! I have no idea how I could delete someone`s response?? I No rudeness intended. The idea of the wood yard really appeals to me and I`ll have a look in my area 17/33 borders. Once again many thanks, Peter.