Help wanted

I wonder if anyone can help us. We have a fermette in Varennes(Allier) which we have not visited for some time and is probably a little ‘in need’. We have decided to sell it as we have bitten off more than we can chew. The property has full planning permission to renovate the 2 houses to make a 6 bedroom house and 2 bedroom gite.
Our dilemma is this. We have lost the key to the main house and need to have surveys done to put it up for sale but are unable to travel due to ill health and work commitments. Does anyone live close who might be able to help us sort this out?
In hope

Will your estate agent not help you sort this? It is in their interest to do so!

Hi Jane,

We don’t have a key because we gave it to the local estate agent when we first decided to sell and they have either lost it or are being obstructive. They refused to give it to another local agent so we have decide to try to market it ourselves but we need a key. An estate agent who would do this for us would be great but big estate agents in our area are very hard to find.

Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Kind regards


PS. If you know anyone who might be interested in it, it’s going cheap.

Ok, my next ideas are:

A) check whether your house insurance includes a ‘dépannage’ service that can sort lost/stolen keys (your keys have effectively been stolen)

B) look in the local pages jaunes for a locksmith (un serrurier) and ask them to go and replace the lock and send you several new keys.

Failing anyone nearby, I think google and the telephone are your friends in this circumstance.