Help! Wasps nests around above-ground pool

We have a modest round above ground pool, great for cooling down with a sundowner after a bot of rush clearance and tree trimmimg. Today, however, I was stung a few times by wasps as I removed the cover.

The pool is of the type where a strip of metal is wrapped into a large circle, then topped off with straight aluminium extrusions to form what looks like a ten-sided polygon, a decagon if my memory serves me correctly. Wasps are no lovers of such geometry, hexagons it is for them, which they have buit their nests out of, under the lipsof the extrusions around my pool.

There are 5 small nests at the moment, a number I should like to trim to 0. Generally, I am fine with flying insects, we have lavender and lime abuzz with bees doing whatthey do best. I do not want nests under the lip of the pool. Today was a reminder that wasps are not as tolerant as I try to be, so the war starts…

Trouble is I have no idea how to deal with them. Emtpying an aerosolof SuperU anti-guepes into the nests would be my first guess. Not sure how the pool woud react to that, or whether it would be safe to bathe in later. How does one make sure all of them are got? I tend to think that any survivors would be a bit unhappy to find the family home eradicated, and the guilty party bobbing around the pool a few centimetres away.

Anyone got any tips or suggestions?

Go for it with the wasp spray, into the hole in the bottom. Won’t have any adverse effect on the pool or water. Late evening is a good time to do it, and early morning scrape the nest off and give it a good stamp.

Wasps don’t go back to a spoiled nest so after a while any others will move on. Just bring the chlorine up afterwards to burn out the insecticide . Be brave, spray and run away :grin:

Lots of spray cans, 'Super U “Cobra”, super cheap, knocks down Wasps and Hornets, on them, Deadly.
But btw, amazingly, It’s completely useless on flies :slightly_smiling_face:

Has to be Johnson’s Raid for flies and mosquitos.

I believe they are called paper wasps on account of their nests. They are fascinating structures, but I’ve been stung a few times. They only ever build in or under something. This causes a problem as you can easily get stung when moving something, or opening an outside store. You can just knock the nest on to the floor if that is possible. As has been written, they won’t go back to it. This avoids killing them, however, I have sprayed as I wouldn’t want my grandchildren stung. The wasps are protecting the nest, and are otherwise inoffensive. They are not the sort of wasps that annoy picnickers.

Sorry Ron, but they annoy barbacuers, us at times and get a dose of ‘Cobra’, deadly for wasps an’ 'ornets :+1:

Resolved. A nearby pool store had a very potent spray with50% extra. I used the lot on 7 little nests under the rim. The wasps dropped instantly, nests removed the nect morning😊