Help - what have I done to the satellite receiver?

I've done something. I don't know what but I know I don't have €100 to €1000 to call out a little man to probably flick a switch.

I rearranged some furniture yesterday and had to unplug the receiver to be able to move the box. We also had a storm so I don't know whether that's contributed to the conundrum.

Anyway, it's back on, it's lit up, I have 400-odd channels, all German, Spanish and whatever but I've lost everything to do with Astra and if I run a scan it comes up empty, Or in fact a couple of times came up with 'no signal'. I've not moved the cable itself and I've not touched the satellite dish so everything is as it was basically except I've lost all English / American TV (what will I do without NCIS??).

Any ideas peeps?

Nope, doesn't seem to relate to mine. Shame actually because that's easy to follow compared to some. I'm trying to be positive - maybe if I have no TV to distract me I'll get more work done?

Just a little light reading while you wait for the box to reset itself

What you may not have done is refreshed both Freesat and /or Free to air programmes.

Happy viewing

Ha ha ha classic - the website opening page says "Keep calm - get a Dyon".

p.s. I did already poke it with a big stick but the thing's solid and didn't move.
p.p.s. Thank you - that's really helpful and I'm messaging them now.

Hi Valerie.

Just read your message and make the following suggestions.

1. Don't panic!!

2. Do not attempt to hit or move the dish. Instead

3.Go to these nice German people and using their message pad tell them in simple words just what your problem is. I am sure they will come back with a Demon Tweek toutes suites. They have very good English.

4. While you are waiting go to your TV and box set up and TURN OFF both at the mains, either by pulling the plugs out or switching off your fused distributor panel. Wait 10 minutes for them to cool down then fire up again , first the TV and then your set top. Now you will have to wait a while then reset the box and your box settings which on the DYON are a doddle. If you have no manual, either down load one from the web or ask DYON for a copy.

The DYON usually automatically upgrades itself from a cold start so you may see find it taking some time to boot up, DONT PANIC. Happy viewing.

Any number of things :

- physical connections not all in place or damaged between tuner and dish ;

- if motorized dish, unplugging the tuner from the mains can sometimes reset the default satellite position within the tuner, causing the dish to be moved to another orientation, and causing signal loss - I've actually had two motorised systems short out on me in this way during electrical storms ;

- short circuit somewhere or electrical damage due to power overload ;

- transponder/satellite shenanigans, over which you have no control, etc, etc.

I usually find Czechs are better at it than Poles ;-)

Ha - I love that expression! We've had some of the serious winds here which everyone's suffered over the past few months but nothing happened. Maybe all it needed was for a sparrow to sit on it. I will find a pole.

Thank you for that - sounds very familiar!! How bizarre that it happened while I was moving furniture. That's why I assumed it was the box as I hadn't been anywhere near the dish. Right, now Googling how to realign a dish solo, without a direction meter and without falling off the ladder ...

I found this thread on another forum, which sounds like your problem ... they too only have foreign channels:

so it sounds like the dish needs to be re-aligned. Good lluck.

If I get annoyed enough I may resort to that good old technique - whack it with a broom handle.

Actually we’re expecting more gusts tomorrow - maybe it’ll blow it back where it should be …? (okay, wishful thinking)

Cor, wish it would happen to our second dish so we could get some of the German and Italian (nah, not me but SHE wants them...) back. Sounds like the storm tweaked your dish and you need realignment. Either a handsome, dashing cavalier will rush to the rescue (that rules Vic and I out, albeit we do live respectively just a tad too far away) or one of those there geeks Vic nominated to do it or you scrape the last centimes out of your piggy bank to get it done.

I like NCIS too, CSI as well, can get them in German and click on the menu for original language as well. Commiserations on your great loss.

Ha ha ha ha ha - love it.

well according to some here you should instantly learn German but I'll be more succinct than that. I ain't got a clue, never heard of a Dyon. I'm more of yer Sky/ Freesat man. Still, look on the Brightside. I was only running interference to keep you mind off the problem. By now you've got the entire SFN on the case . Come on you Geeks, the ladies in trouble. 3 hours to Ahhhhhh time ;-)

I have to panic, Vic. It's my only sense of "Ahhhhhh, finally" at 10pm when I've finished working and sorting out kid/animals. It's mummy time and I broke it. It's a Dyon. Astra 2A whatever is still listed on the satellite list but when I scanned it it came up with nothing. Nada. Zilch. I don't understand why shifting it would lose that but keep all the German channels - it would either work it wouldn't - why would it become selective? Something's obviously glitched but I have no idea how to unglitch it. See? I'm making words up now because I'm frazzled.

Come on Val. Stop panicking . You know the system. What box?