Help, what to do?

My husband has just found this little one and we really don’t know what to do! Other than keeping him in a safe and warm place. Any suggestions?

I think that is all you can do, try to leave water and some tiny grain if you have it (porridge made with water?). Good luck!

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Thanks Tory, unfortunately he/she did not survive :cry:

Awww - at least you tried. xx

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It is very hard with birds, isn’t it? A few years ago my Setter Tosca brought me a live Jay held gently in her jaws. I couldn’t see any obvious injury but it obviously couldn’t leave, so I put it in some dog fur (plenty of that round here) with some water easily reachable, but by the next day it was dead.

I left its body on top of a stump overnight and in the morning it was gone. Perhaps the Owl patrol had done their job. Do they take carrion?

Yesterday there was no action needed when I saw a small sparrow sized bird floating dead in my swimming pond. Difficult to tell but it seemed to be black or dark grey with a white collar. Again, over the fence away from the dog for the night patrol to dispose of.

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