Help Where can I buy Blu Tack in France

Anyone know where I can purchase Blu Tack? I have asked in all the usual places and no one seems to Know.

Please let me know if you can I need some urgently for an Expo.

Thanks Gina

Don’t you just love kids versions of the words we use. How you keeping Helen? If I see anything recipy I always twitter it forward in case you might like it.

I know the force is with you.

Gina X

Yes we do. My youngest used to call it “blue attack” so I guess the French version is called “white attack” - She’s now nearly 18 and still calls it this. Bless.

Thanks everyone I am back in business. Onward and upward.

Thank you Survive France. Don’t you just love this site.

gGna Xx

Yes, that’s it!

Hi Christina

We saw some stuff in Carrefour. It is in small white squares . Is that the stuff ??