Help Where can I buy Blu Tack in France

(Gina Hams) #1

Anyone know where I can purchase Blu Tack? I have asked in all the usual places and no one seems to Know.

Please let me know if you can I need some urgently for an Expo.

Thanks Gina

(Gina Hams) #2

Don’t you just love kids versions of the words we use. How you keeping Helen? If I see anything recipy I always twitter it forward in case you might like it.

I know the force is with you.

Gina X

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #3

Yes we do. My youngest used to call it “blue attack” so I guess the French version is called “white attack” - She’s now nearly 18 and still calls it this. Bless.

(Gina Hams) #4

Thanks everyone I am back in business. Onward and upward.

Thank you Survive France. Don’t you just love this site.

gGna Xx

(Tracy Thurling) #5

Yes, that’s it!

(Gina Hams) #6

Hi Christina

We saw some stuff in Carrefour. It is in small white squares . Is that the stuff ??