Help Where can I buy Blu Tack in France

Anyone know where I can purchase Blu Tack. I have asked in all the usual places and no one seems to Know.

Please let me know if you can I need some urgently for an Expo.


It’s called Patafix - pronounced ‘pat a feeex’ and it tends to come in yellow packaging, I think it’s made by UHU but I wouldn’t swear to that.

You can get it in strips too which might be cheaper than the squares.

Thanks Pat that answers my question - I assume they are the little white squares???


The main use is for sticking posters etc to walls so probably better as it is white. I just found that it’s useful to remove the pencil marks as it doesn’t leave any stickiness on the paper.

Hi Pat

Thanks for that info but the reason I want it, is to affix my paintings and small labels that go with them to the wall. The walls are very old and we are not allowed to use anything that will damage the walls and Must be able to be removed completely after the expo.


I use it to remove pencil drawings before I paint (just dab it on). I don’t think it’s called Blu Tack here, especially as the stuff I use is white. Most supermarkets and stationers sell it with the pencils, sticky tape etc. I haven’t got any in the original package but it is easy to spot.