Help which way round

Hi trying to get car legal is there a particular way of completing paperwork as in which form first ? When can MOT ? Cert of conformity although the latter we get different answers can it be in English or has ro be French

Get the CoC from France (it should have the Puissance Fiscal on it). You can (ir yoh used tobe able to) get the CT done anytime as long as you’re ukv5 section K starts with an “e”. @anon90504988 is the expert

the fist form always comes first :wink:

and @DeTolkTW

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It changed in late 2019 - you no longer need to have a coc number to get a CT.
You don’t always need a coc for registration if the correct TVV numbers are already on the V5c. In fact, submitting one can be a hinderance if it has the “left hand traffic” phrase on it.

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Exactly as @anon90504988 says and if you have a CoC with the mention 'left hand drive, it is definitely better to avoid submitting it. Most V5c’s now have the TVV référence on them. Older cars may not though.

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Thanks all but i meant is there an order for each form ? Do i complete the ’ request for a certificate of acquisition of a vehicle from the EU 15291 first send off and wait for reply then bookMOT then sort COC ? Thanks

The C of C can take a long time - mine took 3 months, some take longer. I’d get that ordered as a first priority.

If you start a submission on the ANTS website, it will tell you what documents you need. When you have them all, you’ll be able to continue with the registration.

And Don’t Panic!
It really is very straightforward - as long as you follow the system. And don’t try to second-guess using Anglo-Saxon ‘logic’: ANTS is built on Gallic logic. It’s not the same as Anglo-Saxon but it works very well :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first thing to get is the import form - a quitus fiscal from your regional tax/SIE office if you can prove that the car arrived pre Brexit, or an 846a from your regional Douanes office.
You can get a CT at this time too.
If your car is post 2010 then, as Deedee says, you might not need a coc at all.
If you have only arrived fairly recently you may not yet be able to use the ANTS system as it relies on you being on the INSEE database (like the UK Electorial roll) & that can take time to filter through.
If that is the case you will have to use a third party but make sure that they are a) registered & b) know how to do imports.


Can we MOT at any time or have towait till completed 846a