Help with accents

Morning campers! I’ve just got two new jobs in where the client has specifically asked for help understanding different regional accents. Now I’m multi-talented (!!) but I’m not Rory Bremner…Has anyone else encountered this and how have you approached it? Any suggestions very gratefully received…

I use this one as well - it’s brilliant. I love the discussion about language as well. It’s a real treasure trove.

Thanks again guys…got even more work in so too busy to reply - how cool is that!! (Or rude…) - Anyway I do apologise and thanks again! xx

Now that you’ve got me going, here are a few other accent vids.

Most of them are absolute crap, but anyway, spread the love, right!

Hello Catharine,
I did an OU module on lingusistics a couple of years ago - and this site came up in discussion quite a lot

I have a feeling there was somewhere else, but can’t remember. It may well surface during the move

Hi Catharine,
Congrats on the jobs. At the risk of stating the obvious, I’d hit You Tube like a hammer and get a whole load of vids with people with different accents. There are two angles you could take: videos of people with accents who just happen to have 'em; and videos actually focusing on accents.

I’d be interested to know what you find. This was the result of a quick search - get past his intro and there are some laugh-out-loud gems in there:


Fab stuff ladies thank you. Will make a copy if we ever get there. Currently stuck in traffic in Bordeaux - still it is worse going the other way!!

Helen and I both have a copy of the book/cd that Hilary mentions- you could make a copy when u visit Helen. I’ve used it with beginners but after Hilary’s comment am seeing it in a new light- like everyone else I’m always looking for new stuff!

Hi Catharine - I’ve had students going to various places with strong regional accents and I’ve used videos from youtube to give them a feel for this. The other thing I use is a ‘Teach yourself Anglais’ pack, I bought from Lidl, many moons ago - they still have copies from time to time - 4 CDs and an accompanying book - on one of the CDs is a ‘Radio Broadcast’ specifically about different accents. Hope this helps - Hilary xx
Just found this with the search term ‘British Regional Accents’

British Regional Accents