Help with an international moving company

We are moving from New Hampshire USA to Magalas in Languedoc Roussillon on May 14th! We are quite excited and things are getting very hectic. We are looking for a shipping company to move just a pallet. We are renting a furnished home and I am getting rid of most of my stuff. I am getting high prices as well as not very good reviews. Can someone recommend a company?

We are also interested in meeting people in the area next month. All responses welcome

Many thanks

Denise and Mike

Hi Denise and Mike,

Welcome to France!

We are part time residents of Languedoc; living between Northern Virginia and Creissan, France. I think our village is about 30 minutes from Magalas. We have not moved our stuff to France so I do not know much about shipping. But we would be thrilled to meet up one of these days.

I am in the US now returning to France in early May for about 10 days only. But I will return with our daughters in June and stay through the summer. I will send you a message with my email.

Good luck on the move!

Best, Elizabeth

Hi, I’d like to re-open this older topic, if possible.

I have an LCL (less than container load), or perhaps a shared container, that I plan to arrange to be shipped overseas from Boston or NYC, to the port of Le Havre. Not sure, but mostly I’ll have boxes (10-15), floor lamps and a bookcase or two. The cost for shipping in a container isn’t bad, compared to the cost for finding these items and buying them once I arrive. One option is doing door-to-door with one mover.

But … maybe someone has a French moving company suggestion, someone I could hire to pick up the contents at port and move over land to Sancerre once my stuff arrives in Le Havre? The streets are a bit narrow and the road up the hill is kinda steep so I seek a company with a variety of trucks in the fleet including one that is smaller that could handle this kind of terrain.

Thanks for considering this.