Help with IKEA Whirlpool

Last February we installed an IKEA KITCHEN with an oven supplied by them. The oven exploded during the kitchen cycle breaking the inner glass. IKEA are saying that the glass is not covered by the warranty and that we should contact WHIRLPOOL. Who is responsible for this under French law? has anyone else had this problem with an oven? I HAVE TO SAY THAT although the rest of the kitchen is fine I would never buy an electrical item from IKEA again. Their after sales service is appalling.

If I understand correctly you have two years and it is the seller’s responsibility - so it will probably depend on whether you paid Ikea or the manufacturer directly; I suspect Ikea will be liable.

But I am curious - “exploded” - please shed some more light! (also, not sure what you mean by “kitchen cycle”)

Sorry I meant cleaning cycle which locks the oven door and heats the oven to 400 degrees it’s called Pyro! There was a loud bang and broken glass from the inner part of the door was forced out of the top and the bottom.

Ah, all is clear. Ouch.

Check your receipts and concentrate on the seller - someone else might be able to provide a link to the relevant piece of French consumer law which will undoubtedly help.

The arguement has moved on as to whether the unit exploded in which case the whole of the oven is replaced or whether a glass gas broken in which case it is not covered by the warranty. An engineer is calling I will up date

threaten them to go public local news consumateurs associations etc

Reading around a little this seems potentially more complex than I initially thought once Pete had cleared up that it was during a cleaning cycle.

I assumed that if the oven door glass had failed during a cleaning cycle - which is, after all, a designed-in function of the oven, then it would be self-evident that it was a manufacturing fault.

However it seems this does occasionally happen and some manufacturers are not willing to offer repair under warranty - various excuses/reasons are offered such as food residue on the glass (check whether the oven instructions direct you to clean any food off the glass before starting a cleaning cycle) or scratches and minor damage cause by contact with items placed in the oven.

Expect a bit of resistance to accepting liability.

well as usual with ‘claims’ in France I have found persistence and insisting on consumer rights pays off.
Having been told initially that the glass wasn’t covered, indeed an ‘expert’ from IKEA customer rang us to tell us (in English) that we had no claim. We had a visit from a Whirpool engineer who replaced the glass with a new one, checked the installation, made an adjustment to the door all free of charge,
Apart from the fact this process took 3 weeks all ended up fine.
Incendently we made 13 phonecalls and sent 12 emails during the claim.
We had a similar experience with an insurance claim 3 years ago, described on here, The first reaction here ios to say you are not covered and the onus is on the customer to prove otherwise. If you process your cxlaim on this basis and bombard the company with calls and emails you will get the claim through.
What are the experiences of others good and bad? In the UK usually claims are processd quickly because it is cheaper to do so, this does not appear to be the custom in France.

Glad to hear it was sorted in the end.

Sometimes you just have to be persistent to get your rights,