Help with Internet access/wifi

I’m sure that this has been asked before but here goes: We’re going to be living on a campsite for 6 months of each year. What’s the best way to get internet access?

unlikely you will get a ‘fixed’ connection for internet access so your options are limited.
I would suggest a 4G mobile phone contract with a reasonable download limit (such as Bouygues) and then ‘tether’ your phone to a tablet (iPad or similar) for better viewing experience.
That assumes of course that there is a good enough service to the campsite location…

Hi Richard and welcome to the Forum.

Have you asked the Campsite folk what is available there ? If so, what is their reply?

I know folk use their mobiles for internet -( is that with a dongle?) - would that be an option for you ??

Thanks, Graham. I’ll have a look at French sim contracts.

Hi Stella. They do have wifi available in Reception and at the bar but I need it for working and am likely to be distracted!!

Now then, why on earth should you fear getting distracted at the Bar… after a few drinks you won’t worry about distractions or the internet, come to that. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

On the other hand, can’t you wifi onto their connections, well out of range of distractions. :thinking:

If you are living and working there you should be able to get your own internet set up. Have a chat with the various providers.

Bouygues Telecom offers

Hi Richard. Free do a contract for about 20 quid a month with unlimited calls in France, unlimited calls to landlines in many countries, unlimited texts and 100GB a month on 4G. Our house is at the limit for copper broadband and we were only getting about 1MB so I dumped the landline and now just use tethering from our phones. We have a desktop, three laptops and two iPads and the phones keep them all happy.

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That sounds perfect. Do you have a web address?

I went with Free mobile last year (been with Free landline since 2006 until mobile)
mines 8.99e a month 60gb a month but read its really the unlimited deal as it reverts to 20e a month after 12 months which is unlimited
You need to see what you get on site - do a network search on your phone
If using a UK phone connect to each network and see how it is H+ and better is needed
You can get a free sim from a newsagent - go on their site and see which is nearest
It might not be your best option but you might have to get others delivered

Richard the address is…

As Lee says there’s an offer with less data for a lower price. He’s right too that you should check their coverage before you buy.