Help with IT info required please

Wonder if anyone might know the answer to my present conundrum. We pay for an IP address so we can receive Iplayer. There is a limit of 10 gbts a month...which is about an hour of iplayer a day. Although we have free sat....I only watch tv late at tend to use iplayer. I am now exceeding my allowance and being told they will charge me another 18euros a month for the pleasure.

I asked how to avoid extra charges and was told to only have the VPN (dial up connection to UK IP address) when I am actually watching iplayer. So being careful as my programme was finishing the other evening...I disconnected the VPN before the end music and credits came up...with interest I noted the programme finished playing out to the very end....

I dont record these programmes...I stream day...I connected to VPN, the programme started and I pulled the plug on the VPN immediately...and watched the programme through to the end minus the connection.....the million dollar question I using my allowance? if so how as I havent downloaded the entire programme, just streaming....have I found a happy glitch in my favour? or am I still using my allowance....answers on a postcard please!!!!